Strasburg Racing Products - 468 N 1200 W - Lindon, UT 84042
phone: (801) 785-2753
fax: (801) 785-2754
Mike Strasburg and crew, from Lindon, Utah, are not new names in the world of Federal Mogul dragster racing. Two years ago, Mike decided to get serious about racing. In a very short time, he has become a top player in the tough Federal Mogul dragster division, running 5.40 sec. elapse times at over 260 mph. Mike, dad Allen, and family, for 20 plus years, have been involved with running or helping with many different types of land speed cars at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They have set and hold many records. They own and operate a very specialized race engine business, Strasburg Racing Products in Lindon, Utah. Mike and crew also carry a complete B & J inventory, from a small washer, to gear sets and complete transmissions. We welcome mike as a distributor, and feel he will do well with his with his wealth of experience with running and tuning both Federal Mogul dragsters and Bonneville land speed vehicles. mike and crew are ready to help you with whatever you need.